For experienced model constructors with a passion for creating the real world of rolling stock on a scale of 1:14 

Totally unique and true-to-nature 1:14 models

The models are a true-to-nature copy of the original accessory for trucks and rolling stock, and are also approved by developers of the original 1:1 full-scale models.

All models are suitable for trucks, trailers and construction vehicles, with specially modified dumpers, on the scale of 1:14, and are of high-quality production, with a focus on beautiful details.

The models are:

  • For the 14+ age group
  • Design protection
  • 100% Danish high-quality production
  • CE-marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive

Unique models that have never before been seen in the world of models!

Do you have a passion for 1:14 scale model construction and enjoy social contact with others at meetings around the country? So get your hands on new and unique models that have never before been seen in the world of models!

FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14-2 sideloader

You can now get the unique FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14-2 sideloader, which has never before been seen on the market!

Unique hydraulic fittings in stainless steel

See our program of unique hydraulic fittings, where, after many years of experience in hydraulic systems, we have the main focus on the technical details.

Lifting beam with lifting hook

Carry out the lifting without the use of chains, so that unloading and loading of the container is only possible by operating the remote control.

COMING IN 2024: Chassis for 3 axle trailer

Chassis for 3 axle trailer with horizontal hydraulic cylinders for longitudinal movement of the FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14-2 sideloaders, so that containers from 20 to 40 feet can be transported.

ON THE WAY: Moving Floor / Walking Floor

Moving floor for automatic movement of goods in trailers 

For people like you with a passion for constructing unique high-quality models!

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