Unique high-quality products for the experienced model constructor. How to create the real world on a scale of 1:14

Products and accessories

Get an overview of the unique products and accessories for the 1:14 models designed and developed by FC 1:14 Models.

Each product is developed to a high degree of quality and with passion to create new and unique models that have not yet existed in the world of models.

BREAKING NEWS: Moving Floor FCM MF 1:14-11

With Moving Floor, you can now, via your radio control system, unload goods from 40 foot trailers. At present, it is tested for unloading ordinary euro pallets, ø8 wood pellets and down to oats grains, but only the fantasy sets limits.

Moving Floor is also known as Walking Floor, but this name is patented in the United States, so similar constructions outside the United States are called Moving Floor.

In week 36 2024, Moving Floor can be delivered to the market for rolling transport equipment in scale 1:14

FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14-2 sideloader

You can now get the unique FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14-2 sideloader, which has never before been seen on the market! The model is produced to a high degree of quality and is suitable for trailers, trucks and construction machinery on a scale of 1:14.

Unique hydraulic fittings in stainless steel

Hydraulic fittings for use with o2 and o3 mm. hydraulic hose, including special nipple, which can easily be increased from o2 to o3 mm. hydraulic hose.

Lifting beam with lifting hook

Carry out the lifting without the use of chains, so that unloading and loading of the container is only possible by operating the remote control.

COMING IN 2024: Chassis for 3 axle trailer 

Chassis for 3 axle trailer with horizontal hydraulic cylinders for longitudinal movement of the FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14-2 sideloaders, so that containers from 20 to 40 feet can be transported.

For people like you with a passion for constructing unique high-quality models!